September 20th, 2005


The green mustard fields of Afghanistan, or: Memento torqui

LJ Interests meme results
  1. clonakilla:
    Also known as The Best Winery On The Planet.
  2. comme des garçons:
    Having trouble with the cedilla, are we?
    Me, I'm wearing Odeur 53 right now. Brian, this is the one with the "flaming rock," I think. Hat tip to djmrswhite for suggesting this.
  3. experimental electronic music:
    You know, Symphony For Dot Matrix Printers, Poéme Electronique, Bowling for Blood, that kind of thing.
  4. irritainment:
    See also: Arrested Development. Hat tip to e_ticket for using this word first.
  5. ladyboy elephant polo:
    I am 36 years old, stand 187 centimeters and weigh 120 kilograms. My important inch measurements are 48 - 42 - 6 - 6. I am a freshman at Central Washington Univeristy (in Ellensburg). My interests are hiking and having long girlish lunches.
  6. max tundra:

    See also: his Web site.
    Garrison: be sure to check out his Futureheads remix.
  7. oulipo:
    Favorites include Queneau's 100,000,000,000,000 Poems, Tlooth, and A Void.
  8. sevcom:
    I've been listening to Severed Heads since I was 14, and still do.
  9. tea:
    Actually, I'm no longer particularly interested in tea, but it's here as a stand-in for "liquids that smell good," which encompasses wine, perfume, coffee, etc.
  10. unicode:
    OK, this isn't really interesting to anyone, I reckon. Still, it is kind of a cool thing, and I do know a thing or two about it, unlike #2 up there.

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le wine blog™ - Going, going, gone

If you like Côte-Rôtie, syrah, Aussie shiraz, or just the best damn wine you'll drink in your life, I strongly urge you to go grab some of the 2004 Clonakilla shiraz viognier while it lasts. The Wine Exchange got in a few cases yesterday morning, sold most of it before 10 PM, and now they're down to 15 bottles as of right this minute.

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Me, I tasted it from barrel last March with jcoldrey and Dan.

It... is worth the money, unequivocally. It is as transformative an experience as you can expect in life. I still get shivers thinking about what that wine tastes like.