September 2nd, 2005


For Richard

At home again today; fingers don't feel right, there's something wrong with my sense of taste [but in a good way; it's like something was accidentally switched on], and there's still some numbness in my legs and arms, plus a feeling of sore, bruised bones in my arms. This is a LOT better than a week ago, though, when I was experiencing shooting pains on and off nonstop, making it hard to sleep. So, progress! No more pain pills, and I think I'll be back at work next Friday.

In the meantime, Richard's coming over to watch The Fog tonight:

I haven't seen it since, oh, the mid 1980s. I think Tim and I rented it in in high school. Oddly enough, I have no recollection of this:

or this:

He's kind of Hitchinesque, but no cigar. Still... not bad!