August 31st, 2005


A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again

Last Friday was the MSN 10 year anniversary bash. I hurt myself playing dodgeball - it was over as it began and I don't remember anything save for not being able to stand up. My awesome coworkers Kevin and Petru picked me up, got me off the court, and over to the EMTs, who strapped me in to a neck brace and onto a back board.

This is me in the hospital:

At this point, thankfully, it was pain only, no loss of motor function. Bad pain, yeah, but not as bad as having to listen to fucking U2 blaring at the MSN party while waiting for the ambulance to leave.

Right now the problem is that I hurt in my fingers and elbows. There seems to be a herniated disc as well as some other problem that is causing phantom pain. It's tedious... but it will heal over time, and the doctors are on it.

Can't type much as pain in the fingers persists.

Be back as time allows.