August 12th, 2005


Now that's brand loyalty!

I noticed this morning that there is now an 826 Seattle. Some back story: Dave Eggers, onetime publisher of Might magazine, went on to found a magazine called McSweeney's; then, he published a book called... um, I forget, some ridiculously long title. Heartbreaking, staggering, something. Then, he took the money he made form that book and opened a children's writing workshop of sorts in a building at 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Anyhow, the idea has spread, and now there's one in Seattle due to open next month.

As with all nonprofits, they need money and stuff. They have a wish list on their Web site. It says that they want this:

  • Technology: Four Macintosh computers with DVD burners and running OS X or higher; external hard drive; mini flash drives 128 MB or higher; mice, keyboards, and monitors; two high-capacity printers; Macintosh-compatible projector for presentations
This made me think: Wow, that's do-able. I could actually afford to work with Microsoft's corporate giving program and pony up half the cash to get them that stuff... as long as they'd be willing to go with PCs and not Macs. If I had to buy Macs, I couldn't afford to do it: even assuming the cheapest Macs - Mac minis with generic monitors, mice, and keyboards - it'd be about $4,000 total; with PCs, about half that price.

So, I wrote them this morning. I said "hey, I can help you with this, but only if you can do Windows PCs."

They just wrote back. Their answer?

"Thanks for writing...Chris. Actually, we’re pretty stuck on macs! Teri"

Now that's consumer loyalty: they'd rather go entirely without computers than use Windows PCs.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, cpratt offers to send a dozen Bic pens to a writers' workshop, but is refused on the ground that they're pretty stuck on Mont Blancs...