August 9th, 2005


Recently, people are too generous towards me

Over the last few days, I've been the grateful recipient of... stuff!

First off, jhitchin graciously invited me along to a performance of The Complete History of America (Abridged) at the Second Story Rep here in Redmond. It was... well, fucking funny as hell. If I ever said anything bad about community theater, I no longer mean it. If you've got the time and $24, it's worth it, hands down.

Then, to make things really, really strange, I got a slip in my mailbox telling me there was a package to pick up, shipped in from Canada. I could only assume that it was the Gary Taxali toy monkey I'd ordered a couple of months ago. So, when I went to the post office to pick it up, I was expecting a small square box [the Whitney version of the monkey arrived a couple of weeks back, so, I knew about how big it would be]. However, the poor post office lady kept searching... and searching... and finally found the package: a huge, rectangular, flat packed thing from Taxali.

It wasn't a monkey at all - it was a print:

It's beautiful. I'd always wondered how
Taxali's prints looked, and damn. Just fantastic. The paper quality is phenomenal, the printing vibrant and crisp, and of course signed and numbered, w00t.

Attached to the print was a note that - if I remember correctly - began Dear Generous Person, thanking me for my patience with his not delivering the signed monkey immediately. Apparently a dozen or so folks ordered the monkeys, and as an apology for the delay, he shipped out $200 prints.


So, Gary Taxali is now more awesome than before, reaching, in fact, the levels of awesomeness previously only inhabited by the likes of Dave White.

As a thank you to Gary I ordered a couple more prints, and will get everything framed up nice later on in the month, this time from a real framing place [that does the Microsoft art collection], and not the bogus framing place that fucked up the Australian painting back in 2003.

-> Prequels they haven't made yet

thornyc's having a contest of sorts today: he's riffing on McSweeney's Lesser Known Movie Prequels.

My contributions, all stolen from The Criterion Collection:

Barely Noticed Trains
The Birth of Colonel Blimp
Dusk and Mist
Fear and Loathing in Henderson, Nevada
Gimme Food
Hiroshima mon ami
I Am Curious - Orange
The Indium Drum
Lieutenant General Idi Amin Dada
The Life Terrestrial With Steve Zissou
The Middling Illusion
The Penultimate Temptation of Christ
Scenes from an Engagement
The Slapping of a Chinese Bookie
Some Of What Heaven Allows

[Apologies, apologies...]

Walla Walla 2006: You're invited


Next May - May 5 through May 7 - we're going to Walla Walla, WA to enjoy the annual spring wine tasting weekend.

We're staying at the Howard Johnson's:

I'd recommend you make reservations ASAP if you'd like to join us. They have nonsmoking rooms with a king size bed for $69.

Here's the agenda:

- dinner Friday night at the Dragon Room in Pasco
- on the way, a visit to the Petrified Forest and to Royal City, home of Jeff/ponycub
- on Saturday, endless wine tasting followed by a steak dinner and a party, somewhere
- on Sunday, a long drive back to Seattle with lots more wine tasting en route, and maybe Burger King if we're lucky [on Merlot Drive]

Reserve your room now - they won't last long!

PS. Yes, we can carpool.