August 2nd, 2005


Now that's just weird.

There's a speaker inside the new Apple mouse.

Given that I've been using variants on two-button mice with scroll wheels since 1996, I imagine using one of these newfangled mice might be a little bit strange. Still, I'd love to give it a shot. Brian, surely you're buying one of these for the office? They're Windows compatible, even...

Understanding different cultures by looking at their news media

As you've probably heard by now, something went wrong at Toronto's airport today: an Air France flight from Paris wound up in flames, and passengers may or may not have survived. Here's a quick look at how some foreign media reacted [all screen shots from around 3:50 PM PST, Tuesday, August 2]:


It's a miracle! Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!


Wait a sec - that's another plane crash entirely, and it didn't even happen today! Perhaps something's going wrong on the back end servers?

[They fixed the error in just a few minutes, and reminded readers again that you're welcome to send your own crash pictures to!]

Bild [Germany]

Apparently most Germans might not know what country Toronto is in, or they might confuse it with one of the world's many, many Torontos? Hm.

Air France [France]

Not to worry! Tout va bien! Everything is fine!

Het Parool [The Netherlands]

No information about the crash here, but apparently too many people are fucking outdoors in a park in the north of Amsterdam, so they're planting stinging nettles. Ouch!