July 15th, 2005


Greatest Hits

Some things I've worked on that you may have used:

Claris Emailer [barely]
FileMaker Pro [early relational versions, especially the Windows flavors]
FileMaker Pro Web Connection*
FileMaker Pro Server [the first version for Windows NT on Alpha, PowerPC (not shipped), and Intel]
Netscape Communicator [4.06 though 4.8 - when I left, I was test manager]
Netscape 6 [1.0 baby!]
Firefox [try about:credits in Firefox]
MSN Mobile Premium Edition [BREW app on some Verizon handsets]
Pocket MSN [Windows Mobile 5.0]

* IANA port number listings say:

fmpro-http 591/tcp #FMPRO4 - HTTP
fmpro-http 591/udp #FMPRO4 - HTTP
# #Christopher Pratt <christopher_pratt@claris.com>