June 27th, 2005


In which Mr. Bear mans a booth

Top 5 questions asked at the GLEAM booth at the Seattle Pride Festival in Volunteer Park:

1. Is that free?
2. What about this?
3. This?
4. Can I have that?
5. What about that, then?

My favorite five visitors:

1. The person who harangued us for ten minutes about not taking debit cards [we were selling raffle tickets for $5 to benefit Lambert House, and no, the Rubik's Cubes were not free, but you could have one if you bought a ticket]
2. The person who needed help with transitioning her MSN account to Comcast cable modem service [no problem!]
3. The person who tried to block access to the booth for ten minutes because she "liked Mac" [amazing brand loyalty!]
4. Some big furry guy in a camo UtiliSkirt™ who said hello
5. The woman who wanted to know if we were still paying Ralph Reed [no, we're not!]