June 10th, 2005


Dear Robert Mondavi Winery

If you can't spell it, perhaps you shouldn't be selling it?

Guess the sellout to Constellation Brands Inc. [home of Arbor Mist, Cisco, Wild Irish Rose, Cook's, and Almaden, among other illustrious wines] is going swimmingly. Hell, they don't even have marketing materials up for the current release of the Mondavi cabernet [the 2002].

Losers. :(

OMG confusing!!!

I had a look around at new desktop PCs today, and I hadn't realized how insanely complicated the Intel processor world has become. Here's a quick table showing the differences between all currently shipping "desktop" processors [this doesn't include "mobile" and "workstation" stuff]. Yikes! [Oh, and for good measure, the PowerPC G5 is listed for comparison as well.]

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