May 12th, 2005


Things I don't get

"This bill [HB1515] gives new legal powers to sexually abnormal individuals to bring lawsuits against anyone or any business they perceive as having any sort of qualms about sodomy -- whether moral, ethical, or health concerns regarding that lifestyle. It is impossible to be neutral in this issue, which pits one right against another. "Sexual orientation", which is a matter of carnal preference, should not be allowed to outweight moral and religious convictions, based in conscience.”

"We have no more first amendment rights under the Patriot Act."

"The number of people who are jailed, detained, or otherwise disappeared in [the USA] for reasons as seemingly innocuous as a t-shirt slogan is alarming."

"[The US government] can do this because any dissention against the government including writing or publishing your opinion is considered terrorist activity."

"Free speech no longer exists - it can be used to convict you of being a terrorist without a trial and give you a guaranteed prison sentence with no hope of a trial. And if you don't believe me read the PATRIOT act."