April 21st, 2005


Really long flights

I was curious at lunch today: What are the longest commercial flights you can take from Seattle? Here are a few:

Tbilisi, Georgia is 6,991 miles [via London].

Bangkok, Thailand is 7,613 miles away [via Taipei].

Punta Arenas, Chile is 8,048 miles [via Los Angeles, Lima, Santiago, and Puerto Montt.]

Tashkent, Uzbekistan is 8,338 miles away [via London and Yerevan].

Denpasar, Bali is a little further away at 8,433 miles from Seattle [via Taipei].

Sydney, Australia is 8,455 miles [via Los Angeles; it's only 7,765 miles via Honolulu, but those tickets are hard to come by].

Mumbai, India ia 9,135 miles [via Amsterdam].

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is 9,811 miles away [via Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Singapore].

Malé, in the Maldives, is 10,082 miles [via London and Dubai].

Perth, Western Australia, is 10,258 miles [via Vancouver and Hong Kong] or 10,482 miles [via Los Angeles and Sydney].

Cape Town, South Africa, is 10,808 miles via London, 11,182 miles via New York, Dakar, and Johannesburg, or 11,467 miles via Atlanta, Cape Verde, and Johannesburg.

That's pretty damned far.

Best Slashdot comment in a long, long time

• Without going into too much detail, my personal take on today's Microsoft kerfuffle is pretty simple: sometimes it's better to just STFU than to break company policy and distribute internal Microsoft communications to the press. Long story short, Microsoft has historically publicly backed the more-or-less yearly attempt [since 1975 - this year is the first time it actually made it to a vote, though] by the Washington state legislature to change existing law to proscribe discrimination against GLBTs in employment, etc.; this year, though, they didn't. This was a matter of public record, and went unreported as it was a pretty boring story.

Some Microsoft employee was so upset by this - or, rather, upset by this in combination with hearing office gossip that the change in position was due to a threat made to Microsoft by a local ex-Seahawk megachurch pastor who's in the habit of threatening as many people as possible with boycotts if they don't join his anti-gay-marriage crusade - that they printed out a bunch of internal Microsoft GLBT employee mailing list messages and went to The Stranger with 'em.

As a result, the bill didn't pass [possibly due to the sudden onslaught of publicity; it seemed like it was going to pass because no one in the media was paying attention up until yesterday], and now Microsoft looks really, really lame - even for Microsoft - for being a bunch of pantywaists who backed down the minute a low-rent Christian fundamentalist threatened a national boycott if they didn't drop support for anti-discrimination legislation.

It's like they forgot they're a monopoly, and stuff, you know? [Kidding.]

It was still pretty damn cheesy of Microsoft to drop support for HR 1515, though.

Not as cheesy as the two Democrats who helped vote it down in the Senate, though. [The bill failed by one vote.]