April 12th, 2005


Damn, I can't figure this out...

Wanna help?

1. Go to http://www.ourcolony.net [using Internet Explorer; this site doesn't seem to play well with Firefox]
2. Type in the word "play" and hit Enter to log in
3. Click on "Join Existing Colony"
4. Enter 95163366.

And then... well, I'm not sure what. Very strange.

Update: After 10 folks signed up, it changed to say this:

if you aim to find the truth, you will uncover a real caty in our midst

WTF is a caty?

Now it's saying this:

if you aim to find the truth, you will uncover tom caty instead edward

Discount Proust!

One of those things I've always meant to do [but which I never got around to doing] was to read Proust. Why? Well, I dig madeleines, and, um... well, I guess that's it, really. Maybe it's just the part of me that loves impossibly long books [speaking of which, Part 3 of Neal Stephenson's latest finally ships out tomorrow! yippee!]; maybe it's just that I feel my education is somehow incomplete. I mean, hell: if djmrswhite read Dead Souls, I should be able to hack Proust, right?

Thankfully there's now a new translation available [well, mostly available - the final volumes aren't available in North America due to inane US copyright law], and perhaps even more thankfully, they didn't sell, which means you can find lots of remaindered copies. Mine was $4. w00t.

I do have to wonder, though: they decided to change the title for the US edition. In the UK, it's The Way by Swann's, but it's still the Moncrieff Swann's Way here in the USA. Guess they thought American's would recognize the title, huh? Strange considering that I finally 'get it' with the new title; I always thought he title was a riff on Carlito's Way or something, instead of a short geographic description. Ah well.

Off to bed, to prop myself up with some Proust and a glass of the 2002 Domaine des Blagueurs.