April 7th, 2005



"It is my belief that statements by the artist, particularly in print, aesthetically speaking, would better have been included in that work in the first place."

- Stan Brakhage; when required to write a summary describing one of his early films to enter a competition, said this instead.

[By the way, did any of you South Park fans out there know that Matt and Trey were once students of Brakhage's, and that they named Stan after him? Weird, eh?]

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Wanna see the Mousetrap?

Microsoft Theater Troupe proudly presents

The Mousetrap


Thursday to
Saturday, April 7th to April 23rd, 8pm

Building 31 Cafeteria

Snowbound in an isolated hotel the occupants of Monkswell Manor listen for news of a manhunt following a grisly murder in nearby London. All of them are guilty, but only one is the killer.

Join the Microsoft Theater Troupe for a classic ‘whodunit’ by Agatha Christie that has kept audiences guessing since 1952.     

Tickets are $12 and can be reserved
for both Microsoft employees and members of the public at http://mstheater
or http://www.mstheater.org

Profits benefit charity
This notice may be forwarded


At long last Messenger

MSN Messenger 7 has finally gone live.

Now you can do more useless things than ever before! Remember tedious crap like winks from 6°? No, you don't? Oh, wait, that's right. That was yet another "wildly innovative" Microsoft product that virtually no one was aware of, much less downloaded, installed or used. Whoops.

Anyhow, there is actually some good stuff in Messenger 7. If anything it's prettier than 6.2 was [although yes, Brian, there is still advertising in the client]. Me, I especially like the "Show what I'm listening to" option - it's integrated with Windows Media Player 10. k3wl d00d!!!

Bonus geekiness: Try doing Actions | Send Other | Send a Message to an MSN Direct Watch. Yes, it works. No, I have no idea how useful it is.