March 28th, 2005


If you had to choose between popularity and availability...

An article in today's edition of The Age has an interesting tidbit of information that I've never heard before:

Dave Powell, the winemaker at Torbreck, says that his inspiration for RunRig [his most expensive wine, one of Robert Parker's favorites, and which costs around US $200 these days] was... well, Tim Kirk of Clonakilla, whose 2003 shiraz viognier is rated #1 in this newspaper article.

I have to admit: I'm of two minds about this. Either Tim gets the recognition he deserves for making one of the great Australian wines, which means it promptly sells for $200 instead of the $40-$50 it currently costs in the USA, and which means I can never buy more than a bottle or two a year, or else things continue as they are, in which case he's not well known because Parker doesn't like his wine, which means he makes less money and is less recognized for his accomplishments - and I can still afford to buy a case of it every year.

Hard to choose, eh?