February 13th, 2005


Audio bliss

I've finally - FINALLY - finished cleaning up the music library on my PC at home. Whew.

7199 items, 87.47 GB, nearly everything ripped at nearly 500 Kbps WMA, compatible with everything save for the iPod [AAC would be equally good, but it's incompatible with the Media Center extender in the Xbox downstairs].

On the Dell DJ 20, 190 albums, 1,948 tracks, no free space. It's actually sounding really, really good now that I've swapped out the default earpieces for the bigger ones included with the Shure sound isolating headphones. Yeah, it's a little weird not being able to hear anything with the player turned off, but I'm hoping it'll make that long, long flight to Sydney that much more enjoyable [I'm also curious if the version of Sideways they're showing on the in-seat video system has been edited...].

Now it's time to file away the last batch of CDs downstairs and start vacuuming.

Oh, and Kylie's got a new double CD greatest hits kind of thingy out. Bonus cpratt irritant: one of the two new tracks was co-written by two of the Scissor Sisters. I predict that by the end of March, I will have read at least ten posts on lj about how brilliant it is. :)

Like OMG I just totally went shopping

Seeing as how we'd planned today to go into town to see the Seattle Garden Show, Dan and I wound up going to REI [not my first time] and Easy Street Records [my first time]. This was... dangerous.

REI is having their yearly blowout clearance sale. That workout shirt I bought last Saturday for $15? It was $5 today. Killer luggage with an extensible handle and inline skate wheels? Was $200, now $52. That jacket I've been lusting after for a year, but never bought because $150 is a bit much to spend on a jacket? It was $30. So, finally, after two years in the relatively cold Pacific Northwest, I have something to wear outside other than a hoodie. Go me.

Meanwhile, over at Easy Street, I scoured the used bins for cool stuff like the Arrested Development Season 1 DVD set for $20, and a bunch of used CDs from folks like Talking Heads, Basement Jaxx, and Manitoba Caribou for, like, $7 each. I still kinda wonder why folks bother with iTunes, Napster, etc. when you can just go buy the damn CD for less money - which sounds better, and which usually comes with more information about the music than you get from an online music store.

Then, on the drive back home, it started hailing like mad. Weird. I haven't seen hail like that since Denver, September, 1994. At least this time my car didn't get the crap pounded out of it [I found out the hard way that Saturn's much-vaunted anti-dent tech does not apply to roofs or hoods].