February 3rd, 2005


Lowe's update

I just got back from Store #40 - with $141.30 in cash. Go me!

Meanwhile, their online rebate form appears to suggest that I might also get the other $55 delivery rebate. It's hard to tell. At least it isn't saying this:

We are currently unable to approve your rebate for the reason listed below.

The sales receipt you submitted did not demonstrate purchase of the product required for the rebate.

In other news, here's your quote of the day:

"Biodynamics is nothing more than the Santeria of viticulture." - from Huge Johnsons World of Wine, an excellent wine blog


jwz once said this:

Dear Japanese people:

Please stop exploring your sexuality. It really freaks us out.

Love, American People.

Brian and I watched Audition last night, and I kept thinking of this quote. When it got to the scene where she's happily sawing away at someone's ankle using some kind of piano wire, making an absolutely horrible noise, I got to thinking about those people protesting a titty bar in South Dakota - somehow, I can't see them getting as upset at violent movies. Gore, OK; tits, bad. Feh.


I went to this awesome wine bar [don't laugh] in San Diego while I was on vacation. It's called [again, don't laugh] Wine Steals, and it's in Hillcrest. It was a Saturday night, and the place was completely packed with pleasantly well behaved, pleasantly large-breasted sorority girls looking for a place to get sloshed on pinot grigio with cool boyfriend types that were also pleasantly mellow. Although it was noisier than a Concorde crashing after takeoff, it was cool. I loved being able to get a glass of something good for once in a public setting, instead of getting a 187 mL bottle of some crap from Vendange or whatever. At one point the place ran out of glasses, even...

Best [or most dangerous] of all, the place is also a wine shop, so you can have a look at their inventory. If you want to drink something, they'll open it for $6 and let you use glasses for free. This was totally awesome. We drank:

South African chardonnay, I forgot which one: good stuff
South African sauvignon blanc, I also forgot which one: also, good stuff, really yummy Maybe Kumkani?

Domain Alfred CA syrah, $10/glass, $25/bottle: OMG this was incredibly good. I bought a bottle to take with I liked it so much.

Bodega Norton privada Bordeaux blend, $7/glass or so: Not so great. Pretty boring, actually.

Spinifex Indigene [I think?] shiraz mataro, $26/bottle: We had a whole bottle of this one, split three ways. It was the bomb. The owner of the place came by and thanked us for being the first folks to actually buy a bottle: I guess the label turned off a lot of their crowd, somehow. [Probably because it's really boring and plain.]

Some sort of extremely expensive Argentine malbec we bought because we were trashed, $50 - this stuff was something like 15.5% alcohol and worth every God damn dollar we spent on it. It was fantastic.

I'm not buying it any time again soon, though, because I managed to drink through a month's drinking budget in one night. Ooops. It sure was fun though.

BTW, the prices at Wine Steals really are good. Every wine we drank there was way cheap compared to its usual pricing - for example, even the Spinifex wine was about $15 cheaper than you would pay for it if you flew to the winery in Australia and bought a bottle of it there. Yay for reasonably priced wines.


And that's it for now. I'm heading home - time to get some food on the way home. I had lunch at Red Robin today, and the burger was so gross I couldn't even finish half of it.

Dear Red Robin: Please bear in mind that the best hamburgers are ones that simply, honestly emphasize the high quality of their basic ingredients. When I order a bleu cheese burger, it really doesn't need an onion roll or chipotle mayonnaise to taste good. All I need is a plain bun, meat, good stinky cheese, lettuce/tomato/onion/etc., and that's it. Please get a fucking clue. Thank you!