January 28th, 2005


The state of things

Me, I'm just coming off of an extremely nasty week-long cold. I still can't stand up very well, much less think clearly, but at least I seem to have gotten past the sweating, chills, shakes, and all of that good stuff.

This is good.

In other news: Tucson was fun [it's always great seeing the Nicolini-Bertsches!], as were Los Angeles and San Diego; sure, I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to, but that's how things go. At least there'll be a next time. Legoland was kind of fun in a decaying, run-down theme park kind of way [the place has obviously seen better days], but more importantly I got to see my family for a few days; walking around the zoo with Mark gets my vote for the most awesome thing I've done this year, although drinking my way through much of Wine Steals with Brian was pretty damned cool too.

Then, I flew home, had an awesome dinner with my cousin Doug and his family, and didn't make it out of bed for the next three days or so. Ugh.

Now, Dan's making pizza, and I'm playing around with the new Carpenters SACD. I'm not sure the 5.1 surround mix is really all that compelling, but it's interesting to see what you can do with thirty year old tapes, a copy of ProTools, and some high resolution digital playback technology. It sounds pretty damn good, but to be fair the Beck SACD sounds better.

OK, off to find more medicine and give Dan a nuzzle.