January 4th, 2005


Proof that there is such a thing as German humor


I know, it really does help if you read German.

By way of explaining, Chris Glass asked me about the word Warmduscher - which I'd never heard before. The last time I lived in Germany was in 1990, so my slang is woefully out of date, and my slang dictionary is also far from up to date.

Literally, it means "warm showerer" - the idea, I guess, is that anyone who takes a warm shower is something of a wet noodle, a weakling, etc. What's funny, though, is the long list of synonyms at the above URL.

For example:

- someone who hangs one of those graduation tassels with the year of their high school graduation from their rear view mirror
- someone who uses a hair dryer on their feet
- someone who has an AAA Plus membership
- someone who has an "I brake for animals too" sticker on their car
- someone who washes their fruit before eating it
- "Peepshow Casanova" [needs no translation]
- [my favorite ] quince jelly aficionado