Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

TN: Bonny Doon Monterey County Pigato 2002

Last night we cracked this one open:

Randall sez:
Pigato is one of a handful of crisp, seafood friendly varieties rarely seen outside of Liguria on Italy’s Mediterranean coast immediately east of the French border. Liguria is seafood central and thus the indigenous wines are generally complimentary to a diet of deep-sea denizens, particularly if prepared simply without a heavy slathering of rich, LDL intensive cream sauces.
The fermentation for this wine was started in stainless at a very low temperature before transferal to three year old, effectively neutral puncheons. At the conclusion of fermentation, we began a regimen of bâtonnage, or lees stirring for several months prior to bottling. Pigato is a fairly light variety, and I believe the lees contact has added a dose of richness to match its bright aromatics of green apple, pink grapefruit and elderflower.
Pigato is not normally a wine which is aged. It should ideally be consumed well chilled during the coming summer months with shell fish, oysters, grilled, poached or sautéed fish – you get the idea. It is also a lovely aperitif for those desperately fashionable hours just after the Balenciaga boutique has closed and before a late dinner at La Pergola.
cpratt sez: Mmm, this is tasty. Definitely has that distinctive Italian white smell to it, vaguely like some of the inexpensive Italian summer whites I picked up at Oddlots in Albany, CA last winter. However, the taste was far more compelling, with a lovely, elegant richness to the wine. Seemed a bit high in alcohol, which is a slight minus as far as I'm concerned - I'd rather these wines be less inebriating - but altogether lovely.

Bottled complete with green Stelvin screwcap. $20 through Bonny Doon.

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