December 2nd, 2004


Christmas computer shopping #2: Notebook system

OK, so Apple was a little bit more expensive when it comes to desktop systems. But surely they're competitive with laptop computers. Right? Collapse )

Only 1.47 times the price of the faster, lighter, widescreen hp notebook, and of course a printer's $99 extra at the Apple Store - but included with the hp notebook. Hm. Well, that's close... sort of.

Christmas computer shopping #1: Desktop system

Yes, it's that time of the year. You know, where you start wondering about buying your inlaws a new computer to replace that iMac you bought them back in 1998. That original Bondi blue iMac that's been sucking wind since at least 1999, and which will never, ever have enough horsepower to run OS X. Being the curious type, you find yourself wondering how the new iMac compares to a modern PC pricewise... Collapse )

That's right. The iMac costs 2.36 times as much as the PC. Ouch. That's a lot of money to pay for design [and an admittedly nicer widescreen display]... and don't forget to add $99 for a printer if you need it. [The Dell comes with a free color printer.] [Apple currently has a $99 rebate available if you buy an Epson printer with your new Mac.]

Pricing was accurate as of today, December 2, 2004, and includes Washington state [8.8%] sales taxes.