October 12th, 2004


WEP + "Fag." + Movin' to Seattle + Bearaoke

Long day, short post.

Set up a wireless network at Boo's apartment this evening. Seems to work fine; keeping fingers crossed.

Afterwards, we went to Nordstrom to check out their perfume. No Comme des Garçons, but Mr Extra Prissy Annoying Faggot somehow understood what I was getting at when I mumbled something about the smell of overheating toasters and forest floor. His first choice was too sweet; his second suggestion hit the nail on the head. Déclaration by Cartier. It's official: I must be gay if I bought perfume. Too funny.

Had dinner at PF Chang's. High point of the evening was our rad waitress, who finally admitted that she'd moved to Seattle from San Diego. We had one of those OMG you too?!?!?!? conversations re: Seattle driving habits, and then she brought us extra fortune cookies. Go us!

Had a glass of the 2002 Peter Lehmann Barossa sémillon, which was incredibly good and perfect for the Sichuan chow fun.

Then, it was off to Guppy's for the last hurrah of bear-e-oke. The Trashman was there, but alas did not get to sing. The rest of us enjoyed a bunch of diet Cokes and good conversation, plus friendly backrubs and all around good humor. It was fun!

And now, off to bed.

Bonus info for jcoldrey:


A masculine, modern and elegant fragrance, dominated by fresh, woody notes. An original, distinctive composition that basks in a harmonious blend of cold spices.

A fragrance introduced by the sensuality of birch wood, bergamot and bitter orange; juniper wood and artemisia mingle with cardamom, underlined by cold spices for the middle note; the base note finally emerges, sensually, releasing oak, cedarwood and vetiver, as an echo of the birch wood.

A unique olfactory signature, reflecting an assertive personality, its incisive energy suggested in the glass and metal bottle.

[Strange, too, as I thought I smelled pencil shavings or cigar box in there...]