August 16th, 2004


Promiscuous computing

To come later on this month, if ever: a rework of a discussion I was having with a non-computer-engineer type about his frustration in having to work with computers. Long story short, he seemed endlessly frustrated that computers don't just work. You know, you can't just turn them on and start installing software and have them continue to work correctly. Hell, if you turn them on and the plug them in and do nothing, eventually they will stop working correctly, most likely due to a virus attack.

So... at some point I started wondering if the pain that computer users feel is in part akin to the end of the 1970s: everyone thinks they should be able to do anything they want with any random stranger or application, but when tragedy strikes in the form of a virus or just plain incompatiblity, it's upsetting.

Of course, it's going to take more time and brains than I have to turn this thought into some kind of a usable article. :(