July 2nd, 2004


Showgirls as reviewed by Amazon.com shoppers

This film is nothing more than "All About Eve" with G-strings.

Elizabeth Berkley makes Madonna seem like Meryl Streep.

One of the worst films I've ever seen. Five stars.

This movie shows the outstanding post-mafia growth of Las Vegas into a shopping/eating empire that still manages to maintain its sexual mysticism and 24 hour access to anything.

This plucky dancer with a pancake face is truly an American heroine of epic proportions. If I had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like Nomi Malone.

Certainly, animal lovers will enjoy the many beaver shots.

Elizabeth Berkley is hot (except her rear view wasn't all that great).

You never get full frontal male nudity in this. Boo.

Thank God for amazon.com... because I could never muster up enough nerve to buy this movie from a retail store.

Showgirls is not a comedy.

Some of the nude scenes are arousing.

Deep down inside I think it's a movie that says, "Stay in school."

One of the woman is having sex in the personal swimming pool with the guy that is what is in the script for I think is the purpose of fame.

If ever there was a movie that gave me boner, it was this.

In the featurette on this DVD Joe Eszterhas tells us that "Showgirls" is really nothing more than a rock and roll musical, which makes sense except for the fact that the music is not exactly rock and roll and everybody is dancing rather than singing, which would make it some sort of ballet.

Showgirls is available in a few different editions. One is VHS, and is rectangular and box-like, recalling Pandora.

This movie is about a woman who goes to Las Vegas to try gambling but instead becomes a prostitute.

Maybe Elizabeth Berkley should go back to Saved By The Bell. Oh yeah that show isn't on anymore. Well there is always Taco Bell.

Note: do not get R-rated verison. -- This text refers to the DVD edition

Enjoy... darlin'.

The Samsung i600 as an iPod

Some background: Late last month, I transitioned to a new position in my department. For most of 2003, I worked on MSN Mobile Premium Edition, an MSN client [Hotmail and Messenger] that runs in the Qualcomm BREW environment. In early 2004, I went away to work on some other stuff that wasn't as interesting; eventually, cooler heads prevailed and put me back on MSN clients.

So, I'm now working on Pocket MSN. As a result, I had to go to Verizon Wireless and buy a new phone: a Samsung i600 Windows Mobile™-based Smartphone.

To make things more complicated, as with most prerelease software, there are special developer only builds that do things like spew log files to disk. On a phone, this isn't easy because there isn't a disk; there is some memory, but it's very, very small. Naturally, this problem is solved by buying a SD card. Of course, log files aren't the only thing you can put on an SD card.

In yesterday's meeting, our test manager said that he was having trouble playing back MP3 files on his Pocket PC while running our beta software... so now I have an excuse to rip the CDs in my car, copy them to the SD card, and play them back on my phone. Heck, the i600 even came with headphones.

The verdict? Good quality at 64 Kbps, Windows Media format. However, there could definitely be more bass, and I'm getting weird noise artifacts of some kind or another. Oh, and the playlist always seems to get the track order backwards. Still, not bad. I'm amused that I can use my phone as a Walkman at all.