June 23rd, 2004


Price comparison: Laptops, June 2004

Last week, a friend asked me whether or not his buddy should get a Mac or a PC laptop. I said what the heck, might as well get an iBook because the pricing's very similar; cbertsch got one earlier this year and at the time a similar PC was actually a bit more expensive. However, things have changed. Collapse ) Yup, the faster/smaller PC is now about $200+ less expensive. On the other hand, the iBook does have better battery life. So, I dunno. Personally, I'd get the PC with the better screen, which drops the cost advantage down to only $180; the faster performance would be worth it to me. On the other hand, if all you ever do on the laptop is basic porn Web browsing and E-mail, I guess the iBook would be fine, too.