June 18th, 2004


It's official: Beer costs too much in Redmond

Just got back from the Celtic Bayou, an Irish-Cajun brewpub in Redmond. Today's ouranophobe's last day at work, and I'd thought there was supposed to be a farewell lunch at 1130, but I was there until 1215 and didn't see anyone from the office. Ah well, sometimes things don't work as you'd expect.

Anyhow, onto today's complaint. I had a half pint of their bitter, which tasted like any generic American microbrew [I wish I could describe the taste, but I suspect a lot of you know what I'm talking about here: I've had a few beers in microbreweries over the years, and they almost always taste like the same thing - is it the yeast? the hops? the malt? I have no idea but DAMN is it boring]. When I went to pay for it, it turns out it cost $3.25.

Mind you, last week in London, I had full Imperial pints of really, really good English beer for about £2.40, or $4.40.

So, not only is third rate American wannabe bitter gross, it's also vastly overpriced. And it still sucks that Anne's leaving.

Guess I'll have to go get pizza at the MS cafeteria instead of the bangers, mash, and mushy peas I was hoping for today. Feh.

Dear Apple

Um, so I was, like, browsing your iBook tech specs here:


and I noticed that there are supposed to be footnotes, yeah? For example, I read this:

Inside, a sturdy magnesium frame provides superior strength, while reducing the weight of the iBook G4 to well below that of other full-featured PC notebooks.(1)

All I want to know is this: Where is the footnote? I'm looking all over the page but I don't see a "1." anywhere.

Inspecting the source HTML clears it up: you're writing HTML that isn't compatible with Windows IE. That's nice, and I can understand your desire to be standards compliant, ex-Mozilla test monkey that I am. I found the <OL> tag at the bottom the page with something about a sosumi class - hee, how clever, you're referring to a System 7 sound - and I guess this is some CSS thing that doesn't work in IE.

Now that I've got that cleared up - as I'm sure all of your prospective customers will easily be able to do, what with the general public knowing full well to do a View Source and read the HTML to understand authorial intention - I launch Firefox and look at the page again.

In the middle of the page, I see this:

iBook G4 with 14.1-inch display: 61-watt-hour lithium-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge (1)

Please explain how both these things with a (1) could refer to the same footnote? It doesn't make any sense to me: there's only one footnote on the page [that won't display in IE], and it says something about your battery life varying depending on how you use your computer. How does varying battery life have to do with [allegedly] weighing less than a Windows notebook?

I don't get it.