April 23rd, 2004


Reading the EU commission report on Microsoft

"(302) In August 1991, Microsoft shipped Windows 3.0 with so called Multimedia
Extensions, reflecting an enhancement by the same name to the architecture of Intel
Pentium processors that improved the performance of multimedia applications. "

[Apologies for the formatting; that's Acrobat's fault, not mine.]

It's now available if you're interested in reading it. So far, it's pretty dry, but interesting. The above quote amused me because - if I remember correctly - the Pentium didn't ship until late 1993, and first Pentium with MMX (which presumably stood for multimedia extensions) didn't ship until early 1997, which makes the reasoning given here for the name pretty specious IMHO.

Why I love Linux

I love Linux because it makes even a relatively experienced user of computers in general feel like a complete idiot.

To repro:

- Boot Red Hat Linux 9
- From the Start menu [or whatever it's called on Linux], select System Settings
- Next, select Display Settings
- Change the display resolution to something else
- Click OK
- Get a window that says 'Display settings changed. You need to log out and restart the X server for the changes to take effect.'
- From the Start menu, select Log Out
- Select Restart


After it restarts, the resolution has not changed.

I'm sure there's an easy explanation for this, but dammit, this is even worse than Windows 3.0 was.