March 5th, 2004


O Pioneers

This morning, upon arriving at my office, I went to the Microsoft internal HR Web site to update Dan's status from same sex domestic partner to spouse. I hit a small snag, however:

I immediately got on the phone with Human Resources, and spoke with a wonderful, friendly woman who congratulated us warmly on our marriage, and promised to start work on figuring how to update their systems to allow Microsoft employees to register same sex spouses. Apparently we're the first 'softies to raise the issue, which is kinda cool.

I'm hopeful it'll all be ironed out soon.

If anything, it's wonderful to work at a company that treats all of its employees with such grace and warmth. In recent weeks, Microsoft has sent quite a few letters to political figures in Washington state urging them to pass legislation pending to provide equal rights for everyone regardless of sexual orientation; similarly, Microsoft have publicly supported pending federal legislation to make same sex domestic partner benefits tax-free.

Since at least one of you asked...

Where are we registered? Well, to be honest, we don't need anything other than a new lawn tractor, which we bought after work today. I know what you're saying: how romantic! The bears are giving themselves a Craftsman lawn tractor to celebrate their marriage!

However, if you are feelthy rich and of a mood to give generously:

[hints: Champagne, Ridge or Ravenswood zinfandel, anything from Argentina, NZ, Chile, or Australia; no Chardonnay. Please feel free to ask for details.]