January 10th, 2004


For Fiesta-goers

Alaska and Hertz are offering a very good deal on rental cars for Fiesta - it's only $16.14 a day for a car with unlimited miles, 250 bonus Alaska mileage plan miles, and a free double upgrade [subject to availability].

Might be time to re-reserve your car and cancel the other reservation...

If you read this blog and enjoy the wine stuff...

... please let me know. I'm putting some of the wine stuff in a custom friends group so that it isn't as embarassing - specifically, the stuff where I mention prices. If you like reading that stuff, let me know so that I can add you to that friends group.

Alternatively, should I just say what the heck and post it all publicly? If I post pricing info, will I come across as affluent? And if I do, is that necessarily a bad thing? [Would it help to point out that wine is the one thing I spend my disposable income on? And that some DirecTV packages approach it in price? (Just kidding about that last bit...)]

Oh, whatever. Look, I earn more than minimum wage, and I like to blow money on wine. Those posts are public now. I hope you enjoy them!



Funny how things go sometimes

For a day spent thinking about wine, buying wine, and then writing about wine, I wound up only just now opening a bottle. You see, Dan went out tonight; I decided to stay home. But it took me about forty-five minutes to think of which bottle to open.

It's an ongoing dilemma. The best bottles I don't want to drink by myself, much less drink on anything other than a special occasion.. The exotic bottles I want to share with someone that will find pleasure in, say, a sweet syrah or a wine made from the Norton grape. The reasonably good stuff I'll usually want to share with friends. And everything else I want to at least share with Dan.

So... what to drink? It's so late that only one glass will be enough, so it can't be a waste if the bottle goes bad overnight. It'd have to be something purchased only because I was curious if the wine would be any good at all.

So, it's the 2000 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Columbia Valley Syrah. It was cheap - it cost $9 - and it wasn't something that was supposed to be very good. It was merely supposed to satisfy my curiosity about low-end syrah, or, rather, relatively low end syrah [Columbia Crest do an even cheaper one as well]. I picked this up yesterday at the Washington State Liquor Control Board shop near the Redmond public library - I finally broke down and bought it after wondering about it for nearly all of 2003.

And wouldn't you know, it's good. Sure, it's a little light, the oak isn't really there, and there's kind of a strange hole in the middle of it, but it's tasty, recognizably syrah, and good value for money. I'd like it a little bit heavier, sure, but this is nice. More than anything else, I get a distinct taste of something like a decaf mocha - it's a little bit like coffee, but without the bitterness.

Color me impressed!