December 17th, 2003



The bit where he leads his cheeseball, stripper-juice disco band through the 20-minute instrumental version of "On Broadway," George Benson version of course, playing his soulful electric-piano solos while his hirelings from the Dream of the Blue Turtles Temp Agency "stretch" "out" and make "heavy, man, heavy" faces at him in that special "I bet the Mylanta is deductible" kind of way ...

- Rob Sheffield, writing about Justin Timberlake in Slate

Dude, we're going to Walla Walla!

I finally decided on a suitable road trip destination for the New Year: I'm going to take my parents to wonderful Walla Walla, Washington! What the heck, I figured - it's not often you get a 4 day weekend, so I might as well make the best of it by checking out the Washington wine country.

Best of all, I get to go to Portland for the first time since 1991 or so - although I'm not sure if I should go anywhere near Powell's Books. That could be very dangerous... last time I was there I wound up spending money on fun stuff such as Thomas Pynchon bootlegs. w00t. Anyhow, we'll be in town New Year's Day. I'm not sure what there is to see in terms of family friendly tourist attractions - last time I was there, I only remember the Church of Elvis [since closed] and the Church in the Rock [I think - too kitschy for the family perhaps?]... does anyone have suggestions?