November 1st, 2003


Hi Mister Ben.

From the booklet that comes with the Michel Gondry DVD:

What can I say? It's the first time ever and probably the last time a song is written about me. I played it to all my friend. I'm so proud I can hardly breath. I feel now I belong to the very selective club of "people-with-a-song-about-them", beside Robert Deniro and his Bananarama song.

Il like your album. I think your drum machine is taking drugs. A mixture of acid and speed. Too bad the voice on my song is so quiet I can't hear the lyrics properly. I think it deserves a remix.

Thanks for the book. the third policeman is one of my favorites ones. Sjon sigurdson, an Icelandic writer who wrote some lyrics for Bjork, introduced me to it. You're right, I love Flann O'Brien's universe. You should check his other book: the poor life. His is taking the piss about the irish culture in a way only an Irish could do. It's hilarious.