September 27th, 2003


What's the worst writing I do?

That's easy. I have to send a lot of E-mails at work - just stupid, short, simple test E-mails. You know, to see whether or not they'll show up on a mobile phone, whether or not Hotmail generates SMS alerts correctly. That kind of thing.

If I ever get really, really hard up for content, I'll publish them. No, wait: that's for my executor to do. You know, publish the unpublished writings of cpratt. These largely look like this:

taco sauce is on sale

exasperatingly difficult

extensively blowhard

enchiladas are okay

yo yo yo


is this thing on?

food would be nice

... and so on. For some reason 'taco sauce is on sale' seems to be my perennial favorite. I'd find deeper meaning in that if there were any, but I'm afraid it's just a non sequitur. Either that or I'm subtly expressing my desire to return to Tucson and each at Karichimaka with friends. Who knows?

Tuesday, November 25: Nationaalpark

[As Brian, Chris, Dan, and I are heading to Europe in November, I'm doing a few posts to remind myself of how to see what I want to see when I get there; bear with me if this doesn't seem like a normal post!]

De Hoge Veluwe is the Dutch national park. It's basically the only snippet of untouched wilderness in all of the Netherlands - well, it's probably not really "untouched", but it's definitely a lot more natural than anywhere else in the country!

Although I originally visited just to see the Kröller-Müller Museum, I wound up spending the entire day in the park. There are free bicycles available, so when you get tired of something, you just hope on a bike and ride a few km to another part of the park. I was there in August 2001, so it was cold and rainy [surprise!].

This is a picture I took that day; there is an extensive [and I do mean extensive] sculpture garden there; this is one of about fifty different works that took me two or so hours to see, all outside in the cold and damp.

This is a temporary exhibit that was there at the time - a very Bearish Japanese artist was responsible for this [and for the potato plants you can just barely see on the other side of the glass, outside]. I chatted him up but his English and Dutch were both fairly poor; alas. He did smile when I told him how much I liked his work though.

I'd like to visit there on Tuesday [we'll be leaving for Cologne on Wednesday]. Here's the schedule:

7:58 depart treinstation centraal amsterdam, track 2a, intercity direction 'eindhoven'
8:31 arrive utrecht, track 12a
8:36 depart utrecht, track 4b, local train direction 'arnhem'
9:04 arrive ede-wageningen station
9:17 depart ede-wageningenus station - connexxion bus 110 'apeldoorn'
9:53 arrive visitors' center, nationaalpark de hoge veluwe
10:00 arrive at the musem right when it opens after a few minutes' walk

Train ticket is €18.60; national park and museum entry is €10. I don't know how much the bus ticket costs.

The idea is to spend however long in the park; the last bus out is at something like 1700. We could then stop in Utrecht on the way home and have a walk around the city center, and perhaps some food.

Man, how I love the Internet. Never would've been able to figure this out easily without it.

NS Herfsttoer

Here's another thing that might be fun to do:

NS [Nederlandse Spoorwegen, or "Dutch Railways"] are having a special deal for the first Saturday and Sunday we're in Holland. For €25, you can get a train ticket that's good for 2 people to go anywhere in Holland, all day long. This means you can get to things like the Groninger Museum or Madurodam or the Boymans Museum in Rotterdam... Train tickets alone are usually horrendously expensive, so this is an amazing deal if you wanted to see anything outside of Amsterdam.

Here's a gratuitous picture I took on a boat tour of the Rotterdam harbor:

Update: I just found something even wackier. If you have a "wet" last name like Thunder or Rain, you don't have to pay to ride trains on September 28. Talk about your nutty promotions...