September 3rd, 2003


25 CDs -> 802 MB

bleepkeeper's advice to the contrary, I finally went ahead and splurged on a copy of the Throbbing Gristle 25 CD box set, aka TG24. [There were only supposed to be 24 CDs, but Chris Carter went ahead and did a 25th when he found a decent quality master tape after the box had already been manufactured.]

Being a total dork, I decided that the best way to listen to all of this mess would be to compress the hell out of it, largely in hopes that the whole thing [about 24 hours 40 minutes] would fit on a single CD-R. Well... it doesn't. It's a bit too large. Still, it's nice to think that I could put it on 2 CD-Rs for anyone who wants a copy.

Anyhow, I'm currently in a complete time warp. Listening to this stuff puts me right back in tenth grade. It's loud, abrasive, kind of horrible, somehow compelling all the same. Embarassingly enough, I think I put some TG quotes in my high school yearbook; still, I suppose it's not all that embarassing. After all, would you be more embarassed by having referenced Genesis P-Orridge's Hamburger Lady or David Lee Roth's Jump?

I thought so.