August 8th, 2003


This week: Free anal sex.

This week: free anal sex! OK, perhaps not quite. You can get the first John Updike Rabbit novel - I haven't read it, but I read one of the sequels. I distinctly remember it because it seemed v. dull at the time - I read it in my high school library - except for all the anal sex. Apparently fucking your mistress up the ass feels like "velvet". Strictly for pervs. And to think my high school was upset about The Color Purple - well, then, again, I suppose declaring that Shug's cunt is "as sweet as honey" is possibly even more outré than velvety adulterous anal penetration. Sigh. Literature, mang.

Oh, and Don Quixote is also available. I wonder if it's the Cervantes or Menard version.
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