July 18th, 2003



"Jarvis survived Oracle for 14 years, the last five of them as head of marketing, an incredible run considering heads roll in marketing every time Oracle CEO Larry Ellison gets a new bug up his ass."

- from next week's issue of LinuxGram


"Stuart Townsend stars in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen as Dorian Gray, who brings to the League an astonishing ability to act kind of gay."

- from The Onion's review of LXG

Still free, but kinda lame this week.

This weekend: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and a couple of other eBooks, one of which is described thusly:

"A dark power is growing in the depths of two wizard kingdoms. The powerful Prospero and his sidekick Roger Bacon must navigate the magical realm to defeat their ancient enemy."

Don't know about you, but that sounds totally ghey to me. Wizards? Prospero? "Roger Bacon"? Please.

Oh, and Seumas: on second thought, the disabling of text to speech is possibly so that you can't have the book read directly to a .WAV file, and then use dictation software to auto-transcribe it into "real" text. Stupid idea, but who knows?