July 8th, 2003


Mic check [update 1]

The project in brief:

- This is a stupid project designed to compare AAC, MP3, and WMA
- The idea is to use the default consumer tools to rip tracks from the original CD and burn them back to a blank audio CD using the default settings
- This will be done using Mac OS X 10.2.6 with iTunes and Windows XP with Windows Media Player 9 - no additional software will be purchased or used here
- The settings used will be AAC 128 Kbps, MP3 160 Kbps, WMA 56 Kbps, and WMA VBR 128 Kbps

The tracks will be:

- Michael Nyman Band, Fish Beach
- Strength in Numbers, Future Man
- Steely Dan, Peg
- The Soft Pink Truth, Gender Studies

So: four tracks, four minutes each, one 80-minute CD. I know Peg fits, not sure about the others. I'm not done with this.

If you'd like to participate, E me with your name and mailing address. I'll send you a CD-R by the end of July. Then, when everyone's received them, I'll do a lj poll asking everyone to rate the tracks on their CD. [Listen to them on the best stereo you've got access to, or where you normally listen to CDs. It's your call.]