June 27th, 2003


RIMMed at work.

A quick study in compare and contrast:

1998, Netscape. We're working on a browser that requires an awful lot of RAM to run. So, I talk to my boss. She agrees that I need more RAM in my iMac. Unfortunately, it's not in the budget. As a result, I have to mail order my own RAM from Crucial.com. It arrives; luckily, I am man enough to install RAM in iMacs, which takes me 15-30 minutes per iMac. [It's much easier these days.] I roam the department with an antistatic mat and toolkit, upgrading everyone to have 256 MB of RAM. I save my receipts. Eventually, I am reimbursed by AOL with a paper check.

2003, Microsoft. I need to be able to run multiple copies of XP simultaneously on my desktop PC. It works OK with 512 MB of RAM, but I'd prefer 1 GB. I load the internal purchasing tool and order my RAM. The PO is auto-approved. The next morning at work, a delivery person stops by my office bearing two RIMMs. I shut down my Dell, pop them in, restart. Total down time one minute. I don't have to worry about getting reimbursed because MS was direct billed by the vendor.

Damn, that was cool. And my PC is hella fast now. I had no idea so much RAM would make a difference. I am so upgrading to 1 GB on my home PC as soon as I can.

Oh, and RIMMs suck. Install in pairs, 2.8 times as expensive as PC2700 RAM, weird little things called CRIMMS you have to have in empty sockets. Bleah.


Last night, I was sitting in the guest bed reading, when a bat flew into the room. Somehow, this isn't something I had ever expected to happen in my own home. It freaked the hell out of me. One or the other of us had accidentally left the upstairs kitchen door open, and before you could say Bob's your uncle - a bat must have flown into the house, attracted to the lights left on in the stairwell. From there, it must have somehow figured out that downstairs would be 'specially interesting place to visit, probably because I switched off the stairwell light before retiring to the guest bedroom. Anyhow, that fucking bat scared the hell out of me. I ran out of the room with the duvet on my head - I don't know why, but I immediately cowered under the duvet when I saw that bat flying around up by the ceiling. I guess I didn't want it to fly into my face. Yuck. My heart was really poundingat that point. Man, I hope that never happens again. I have to try to remember to keep all the doors in the house shut - after all, we're living in the countryside!