June 26th, 2003



Oooh, I just had such the flashback.

Just went and installed the Qualcomm BREW 2.1.0 SDK... fired up the emulator... loaded MediaPlayer... and boom. Canyon.mid. Cue wavy dissolve...

It's the fall of 1991, and I'm still excited by my relatively new 386DX25 that I've bought from some crappy build it yourself computer shop on University Ave. Fry's has just announced the availabity of the Creative Labs multimedia kit: it has a CD-ROM drive with a sound card, plus a copy of Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions, which sounds fascinating. God knows I don't have $600 lying around - I'm only working part time at Bear Bytes, the ASUC computer store - but I do have my first credit card, so I stop in at Fry's in Mountain View on my way down to Santa Cruz. I... buy it. The box is huge. I am excited.

Later on, I plug it all in and get it to work, of course only after dialling up the Creative BBS to download updated drivers. [This is a long distance call to Hayward, and it costs me money. Thank God we have the Internet these days.] And... it's beautiful. Sound for the first time on my PC. Specifically, Canyon.mid, which I must have heard hundreds of times in the early 1990s - it was the easiest way to troubleshoot sound on a PC. In Program Manager, select File | Run, type canyon.mid, press Enter. Fiddle with some cables, check some IRQs, manually edit some .INI files, check your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, and eventually you'd get it right.


I don't really miss those days.