April 17th, 2003


Maundy Thursday.

I still have no idea what that is but I do know that virtually everything in Denmark is closed on Maundy Thursday, much to my annoyance. I'm also irked that I've just spent nearly $300 in twenty-four hours in Denmark and have virtually nothing to show for it: it's a far more expensive place to visit than Japan. I did however get a good thirty minutes out of the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit at Louisiana, but $300 worth? No effing way. Remind me never to go back to Denmark unless someone else is paying for it.

About that Apple profit.

Hm. Just read that Apple posted a $14m profit this quarter. Given that FileMaker was on track to earn something like $20m in the quarter, it looks like their actual businesses are sucking. Delving deeper into the quarterly report, it looks like they had something like $20m of investment income as well, so you could of course argue that Apple lost about $25 million in the quarter. Yay.