March 26th, 2003



Poll #117059 Quit?

When should I quit my job?

Quit today. Leave at the end of the week.
Quit today, but work another week for another $750 in the bank.
Don't quit until you have a job offer at Microsoft.
Don't quit until the end of the project in August.
Don't ever quit. Try to get hired on full time because FileMaker needs you.

Any comments?


"Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck."

I quit my job today after verifying that the counter-offer on our house was accepted. That means that after this week I'll have earned enough money to cover the final mortgage payment. Given that Microsoft is paying our rent through the beginning of June, I feel that I can afford to quit FileMaker.

Worst case scenario: I don't get any of the three positions I just interviewed for. However, because I'll be in Redmond, I can borrow copiously from the company library and study, study, study in preparation for future interviews. I can live on $10 a day in the meantime.

Best case scenario: The Microsoft recruiter calls me in the next week to announce that I have an offer. I accept, and I'll be ready to start work the minute they ask.

I know it's a risk to throw in the towel at FileMaker in the face of uncertainty regarding any employment in the Redmond area, but you know what? It's an acceptable risk. It's certainly not as risky as quitting your job and going on a road trip for nine months. Most importantly of all, my time in San José has come to an end. I don't need to stretch it out any longer; instead, I need to move on.

As of next week, I am living in Redmond with my marmot.

I am happy.

Tonight's observations.

Billecart-Salmon brut rosé Champagne is incredibly tasty.

"Pot Kettle Black" by Wilco sounds almost exactly like some early 80s pop song that I can't quite remember, quite possibly by The Cure. In fact, I'm sure it's a Robert Smith song of some variety. However, I don't own any Cure, so I can't confirm. I'm guessing it would be Caterpillar Days-era Cure.

Dude, I bought another Dell.

God help me, but every time I get a new job I seem to buy more computer equipment. This time it's for my brother and his family: it's a first birthday present for Mark. They really, really, really wanted a Mac, but the cheapest Mac I could find was over $700, with only a 15" screen, a 600 MHz µprocessor, and no DVD or CD-RW [whoops, that one did come with a CD-RW, and it had a bigger, 40 GB hard drive]. The Dell was a whopping $594 including tax and shipping, but runs at 2 GHz. It also comes with a 17" monitor, DVD and CD-RW, and a reasonable selection of apps [Word, Money, basic photoediting stuff, and 6 months of free EarthLink].

Of course I'm now moderately concerned about how they'll move stuff over from their old iMac to the PC, but I'm sure I can figure that out at some point in the future. I guess I'll probably download an eval copy of DAVE, take along a crossover Ethernet cable, and figure it out from there.

I'm really looking forward to my Microsoft employee company store discount to buy silly children's stuff like the Magic School Bus titles. I wonder if they still make that weird animatronic Barney... that would really drive my brother batshit. Fun! :)