March 19th, 2003


Hello, I'm living in a hotel.

Cleaned up the house yet again last night. The hardest thing, believe it or not, was removing all of the fridge magnets to a plastic bag for safekeeping. No more Kiwi cows getting it on, Tanqueray bartender pickup line advertisements, Olive Pink Garden, World Cup Fieber 1998... it's all away. And now the house feels like a hotel, a vacation rental. There's very little left of Bear and Marmot that's on display. OK, maybe the Burger King Lord of the Rings glasses and some Japanese bear porn squirrelled away on a top shelf, but man, it really does look like someone else's home already.

The For Sale sign goes up Saturday, and there will presumably be open houses both days this weekend. I'm about to fax off the contract for Dan to sign so that we can get going. MLS listings and virtual tours can't be too far behind.

For those of you in the area, the house is on South 13th at Reed. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1800+ square feet, $624,000.

One more reason why Seattle is cooler than San José.

Dan's going to the Northwest Bears movie night tonight. They're going to see Spider.

Last week, the South Bay Bears went to see Bringing Down the House.

No comment. [OK, I know it's just a matter of taste, but I'll take a Canadian art flick over "sassy black chick" retrograde "comedy" any day of the week.]

Utterly unnecessary customer service.

My coffee maker broke earlier this year. I was gonna take haenck's advice and get a good one, but when I stopped at Fry's, they were selling a Cuisinart one for $15 with a $10 rebate. The rebate had a space for your E-mail address on it, and I just got an E-mail that says:

Dear C Pratt,
Thank you for participating in the following promotional offer:
Cuisinart #942B $10 Coffee Bar Classic
We are pleased to advise you that your redemption has been mailed today. Please allow 10 business days for the check to reach you. If you require further information, please visit us on the web at If you have further questions, or need to contact us by phone, please call 1-800-741-1365, and supply your reference number to our Customer Service Representative.

How weird is that? I think that's actually pretty cool. The coffee machine's not bad - it makes great coffee, just takes forever - but the automated E-mail is bitchen. I haven't received any Cuisinart spam yet, but I'll be curious if that comes in the future...


It's not just how I connect to Mac OS X from my Windows Server 2003, it's all over my hands and ceilings at this point! Funny how little time it took after putting it off for six years, and it's funnier how much nicer my room looks now. Why the hell didn't I think to do this before? Suddenly my den is all clean and spiffy looking instead of looking like a sad, dank little room on the ground floor of a forgotten library... yay!