January 16th, 2003


Happy 33 1/3rd.

Today is my 33 1/3rd birthday. Go me! If only I had a turntable...

I'd write more now but I must away. Have to finish up the hiring paperwork at Volt - they want me in their offices at 11. Yikes! Must shower! Must find passport!

Looks like I'll start at FileMaker on Monday. Sounds like it's going to be a real challenge, but one of those exhilirating "wow, we did it" challenges instead of the "ugh, where did one year of my life disappear to?" challenges - they've got some seriously interesting products up their sleeve, and the team they've got working on all of it can definitely pull it off. And if I bust my ass, I might just be able to help. :)

Where's Laszlo Toth when you need him?

Ducked in to the newly remodeled mini-mart across the street from Super Taqueria this afternoon to get me some real milk for my morning coffee. [Sorry, Marmot, non-fat milk is no match for Major Dickason.]

Stupidly, I brought home a bag of Lay's® brand Cool Guacamole™ Artificially Flavored Potato Chips. I think I was tempted by the huge avocado pictured on the front of the bag.

Upon closer inspection, though, there is no avocado in this product. Sure, it's got MSG, partially hydrogenated virtually everything, modified food starch, three different artificial colors, and even a little lime juice and sour cream, but no avocado.

If only Laszlo Toth were around to write the appropriate letter to Frito-Lay. But hey! There's a URL on the bag. Might as well kvetch there myself. Oops, no go. No E-mail. But I'll call tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll get me some free coupons. God bless America!

TN: 2001 Ca' del Solo malvasia bianca

This afternoon, I skulked around the wine cellar for a bit trying to find a bottle of wine to enjoy tonight. It's getting harder and harder: the skanky going-off bottles are down to just two dozen or so, which leaves an awful lot of good stuff. I'm coming to the conclusion that my cellar has a severe lack of white wines at the moment; there are a couple of cases there, but I'm trying to hold off on them [they're at least 90% riesling] until they start getting old enough to throw off that funky petrol smell I grew to really appreciate in Australia. So... what was left? There's a bottle of koshu [an indigenous Japanese varietal] that I want to save for a friend who really knows their wines, because that's just too strange. Same goes for this 1996 Gurjaani from Georgia as well as a couple of limited release Bonny Doon moscatos. So, what was left? The malvasia bianca that won the Best Wine medal at the Los Angeles county fair last summer. I've been told it would also do the stinky petrol thing if I could just leave it alone for five years, but screw it, sometimes you just have to go for it. And I'm glad I did; it's got that oddly viognier-like unctuous fatness I like pretty well, but it's also got some weird aromatics going on that smell almost like an imaginary lavender-scented organic laundry detergent that would probably sell well at Whole Foods. It's made me very happy. Once again, however, I forgot that really chilling a white wine down kills a lot of the interest; it got a hell of a lot better as it warmed back up to room temperature.

If I'm feeling really wild I might yet break open a bottle of something else, but after this one, I don't really feel like it. That's a good thing.