January 14th, 2003


In which Gramps went on Safari.

I just came across an article on C|Net which seems to clear up Apple's decision to go with KHTML instead of Mozilla for Safari - it looks like Gramps, aka Don Melton, left Netscape for Eazel and then Apple when Eazel went bust. I don't remember Gramps too well, but I do remember that he was just one of the many of us who became increasingly frustrated with the steaming pile of crap that is Mozilla.

The moral of the story is probably that when you have a team working on a product, make sure that your best and brightest minds are allowed to work on the product instead of having to prove their religious fervor to the cultish management team. Don probably could have saved the product if it hadn't been waylaid by a bunch of open source and CSS fanatics who wanted to code a Nirvana in which every last friggin' part of the application was specified by CSS and which you didn't really have to do anything to to get it to run on another platform. Me, I probably would have said screw all of this, let's just concentrate on a small portable HTML rendering engine and write two front ends to it, one for X and one for Win32. Would've been easier, would've been faster, would've been useful. As it winds up now, all we have is a few tiny, nearly irrelevant browsers [Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari] and IE. Ah well.

Tha Original Bandwidth Killa

I've started to monkey with ways to put up some pictures of our trip to Australia online... not real sure what it's going to wind up looking like, but here's what XP Powertoys did to a selection of pictures from February 2002:


Needless to say, it needs commentary, yea verily begs for it. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense all by itself, but what the heck. Best viewed over a very high speed connection!

Popular classic North Korean song titles

I Love An Unmarried Disabled Soldier
Song Of Bean Paste
Warm Feelings Growing Despite The Ridge In Between
You Are Free To Buy Or Not But How Dare You Despise Her?
The World Envies Us
Song Of Blood Transfusion
The Shoes My Brother Bought Fit Me Tight
A Big Rabbit of Our Sub Branch
The Love Between Officers And Men Grows On The March
The General Has Come Again
Cherishing A Grudge
Who Is the Women’s Association Chairman?
I Will Satisfy My Deep-Seated Grudge At Any Cost

[according to Nick Bonner of Koryo Tours]