December 9th, 2002


That didn't take long.

Given that a few others in these parts were talking about Mozilla recently, I thought I'd download 1.2.1 and have a look. After using it for less than a minute, I decided to trash it. It still sucks. It took ages to launch, ages to download and display, and then it threw up a dialog box at that wasn't navigable using the keyboard - it says Security Warning: You have requested an encrypted page... with a bunch of superfluous information that isn't relevant, and you can't toggle the check box to Alert me... using the keyboard, and pressing Enter doesn't OK the dialog box. So, into the trash it goes.

At least you're now able to change the window size without using the mouse, but the very fact that it took them over four years to get that far is not heartening.

BTW, what's with the disclaimer at the Mozilla Web site that We do not guarantee that any source code or executable code available from the domain is Year 2000 compliant? Dude, that's so three years ago.