October 22nd, 2002


Making the best of a bad thing.

Well. Having to cancel the Bali trip has of course left us with a very pressing need to leave the country by the 2nd of November, or get the visa renewed, or just ignore the visa expiry. Uh. So... what?

- Spend A$200 + 25,000 AAdvantage miles to get to New Zealand for Labour Day weekend
- Spend A$100 + 30,000 Mileage Plus miles to get to NZ on business class for LDW
- Spend A$1,200 to go to Vanuatu for the weekend (uh, no)
- Futz around with the immigration office to try to get an extension
- Spend A$600 to get to Auckland for the weekend on Thai (maybe; no one can tell me whether or not this is really doable)

So I'm guessing it's option 2 for now. I'll probably go get the tickets tomorrow morning and start driving like mad for Sydney - have to be at the airport by 10 AM Thursday for the flight out. Yeowch!