June 3rd, 2002



No, not the Jeff Koons sculpture.

In another hour, it's off to day 2 of the scuba diving course. Somehow, Dan and I wound up in what seems to be the non native speakers of English group - the other four in the group are two Israelis, a Spaniard, and a Quebecois. One of the Israelis already dropped out due to medical concerns, so it's just us five.

Yesterday, all of the hard work I've been doing on the trail finally paid off in a very noticeable way: I had to swim twelve laps in the pool nonstop and did it without much of a problem. Sure, I had to do the backstroke so that I could breath much more easily, but dammit, I did it. Poor Dan had to stop and deal with contact lens messiness, but he finished too. Good on ya, marmot!

From there it was pretty much cake. It isn't the most comfortable thing in the world for me, breathing from a regulator, but it's going to be OK. Anything to see more of the reef than what I can see with my snorkelling gear. The boat leaves this evening at 7 pm for a three hour day tour out to the Reef, which should be great.

Sadly, though, we're going to miss out on the Monday night Ibiza Foam Party they have here in Airlie Beach. Did I mention that the town's primary industry seems to consist of easy availability of beer and pussy? Did I just say that out loud? I apologize.

Off to make tea. And yeah, the sunrise this morning was spectacular as well. I'm finally starting to 'get' the whole tropical thing, I guess. I keep thinking of that one Self song, Meg Ryan, but I digress.

The dark side of scuba.

By the way, I had to trim my beard back down my cheeks to get a better mask seal. This is saddening, cuz my it was finally growing up far enough for that überwoofy Chris Griffith look.


Guess I'm no longer the prettiest.

V. jealous of Chris,