May 24th, 2002


A quick update, again.

$4,000 later and the truck is now outfitted for every possible consideration. Fridge, suspension, service, timing belt, shocks, you name it. We're good to go for the rest of the year.

I have a cold due to insufficient heating at the B&B in Brisbane. Yar, dude, gay accomodation sucks. Next time, the Y.

Bunya Mtns were beautiful but really, really cold. Found out that the big bunya gatherings were elsewhere though.

I'm in Roma for the night. A pretty decent outback cow town kind of place, really. Saw a God awful son et lumiere thing at the Big Rig tonight - lots of fart jokes. Woohoo.

Tomorrow: the Mt Mitchell section of Carnarvon NP.

Sunday: A long drive with ooline trees.

Monday though Saturday: towards Airlie Beach. Might go to Longreach, will try to go to Salvator Rosa section of Carnarvon NP, will try to get to Capricorn Caves. Hard to say though. Depends on weather (roads impassable when wet).