May 18th, 2002



Poll #34595 Two questions, zero value

Chris is considering changing his beard.

What? Just keep it as is. It looks great!
Dude, about time. Trim it down, way down.
Maybe it's time you went for that VI Lenin look? How about a goatee?
I'm a pedant. That should read "van Dyke".

The comment "They knew that a large number of Muslims were in the country and taking flying lessons." is:

racist, because after all not all Muslims are terrorists
ignorant, because it shows that the writer can't distinguish between Muslims and terrorists
inappropriate, because good people write 'militant Islamists' when we mean 'Muslim terrorists'
not a problem, really
only meaningful in a post-Sep 11 way

Any comments?


Breakwater? or: Is there a beard style page out there?

Kevin Jackson has suggested I try out a 'breakwater', which is apparently some kind of beard. Now, I have very little experience with beard styles, limited largely to a funny postcard my brother's ex sent me about a decade ago back when I was living with Mark; it was a reproduction of an old barber shop poster that showed about fifteen different beard styles common at the time. (I tried the Hollywoodian. It looked absurd on me.)

Has someone put up a nice page detailing the different cuts?

Still haven't altered my face but Dan is threatening to trim it himself after he finishes his nap. Oh, and after we see Storytelling. It's playing across the street from the YMCA where we're staying in Brisbane.

Oh, and before you get any funny ideas, this is a po-mo Y. It's kind of a boutique hotel kind of thing with a fantastic modern cafe kind of restaurant downstairs. I'm currently on the fastest Internet connection I've ever seen in the cybercafe on the third floor. Go me!