April 11th, 2002


I hate to break it to you, but.

Melbourne is, like, the bomb.

Sydney is the Fresno of Australia.

In the couple of days I've been here I've:

- found amazingly good wines for very little cash (yay for cleanskins)
- found great food at excellent prices (mmm, smoked trout salad)
- met interesting Bears who can and do talk about things other than gay life
- been to stupefyingly beautiful buildings (Melbourne Museum)
- not stepped in dog shit once (vive la France)
- seen museums that are well curated, useful, and entertaining (Melbourne Museum again)
- enjoyed punctual public transport at low, low prices (m>Trains)
- been awestruck by radical public art that actually worked (huge cantilevered yellow beams on the CityLink)
- watched an accident happen right in front of me

OK, so the last thing isn't really a plus, but would you get anything like that in most cities? We were waiting for the light to change to get on the CityLink when some idjit (or, as a bystander called him, 'fucking bleeding idiot') turned right while failing to notice the oncoming traffic. Boom! Lots of broken glass, etc. No injuries, at least not obvious ones, but the force sent the radiator grille flying - it nearly went under our truck. Ooops. We got out, pushed both cars out of the day, swept debris, and continued on our merry way. Given that I've never been to a country with as many billboards about speeding and/or drink driving, perhaps they should start putting up billboards that say Don't turn in front of oncoming traffic, or maybe even Use the trams, they're there for a reason, you dumb fuck?