February 3rd, 2002


Tick tick tick.

I believe that everything is now packed.

Walzwerk is sadly closed on Sundays so it looks like it's going to be Max's or Burger King.

Dan's showing Matthew some plant stuff right now. We've cancelled the cell phone, updated DirecTV services and billing, picked up mosquito nets at REI, had no luck finding a 4.5v car adapter at any Radio Shack, put the car in the garage for good, and so on.

I believe the only thing left to do at this point is to print out Dan's financial information for Australian immigration officials. Oh, and perhaps shut down the laptop and put it in its bag for the trip.

Nervous? Hell yeah. Stressed? Just a little bit, sure. Excited? Like I've never been before.


In no particular order (and with omissions, almost certainly unitentional: please accept my apologies if I've forgotten you):

To Mike and Marcia McKean for being, well, basically the best in-laws a man could have.

To Kim and Judith, my parents, for cheerfully paying for a college education (among a million other things) that helped me get the job that allowed me to get a house and take a sabbatical year. I don't believe they could have done a better job of parenting even if their last name were Spock.

To Paul, Greg, Chris, Jan, and the rest of the Netscape crew who hired me in 1998. That job has made all the difference. Thanks as well to Phillip, Claudius, Chris, Chris, Chris, Paul, Hong, Gary, Rodney, Trix, and the rest of the whole gang who made working there such a joy (they made up for the actual product, I assure you). Hope to see you again in 2003 - maybe I can interview over Korean barbecue or something? (Here's hoping!)

To Dave, Jane, John, and the rest of the FileMaker/Claris employees who helped me develop my mad testing skillz. I never would have made it so far if it weren't for the support and encouragement all of you showed me.

To Scott for being one of the few men who inevitably brings a smile to my face, and for cheesecake. (You coming to SF again soon?)

To Kris for barracudas, my baseball cap, and for his remarkable friendship. ¡Viva Butt Pirate Cove!

To Mark, the Lodgers, Stacey, Todd, Damon, and everyone else who proved that it was possible to live a rich, satisfying life while neither giving too much of a shit what other people think, but at the same time being responsible enough to get away with it...

To Tom Ellard, Ben Jacobs, and everyone else who ever made a recording I loved listening to - I hope you understand how much joy you add to the human experience.

To Charlie, Kim, and Skylar for being dependable, generous friends. Oh, and for having a killer futon to stay on in Tucson! Can't wait to get back down to visit you again. Oh, and congratulations are in order for the "weird professor" article in the U of A student newspaper. Way to go Charlie!

To Brian, Phil, John, Brian, John, Richard, Joe, Joe, Danny, Dave, Jason, John, Chris, Dan, and the dozens of other fellow bruins who have always been a joy to be around - I'm grateful for your friendship and the joy it brings me.

To the grad student whose name I can never remember who passed me in English 46B - thanks, I owe you one. Wouldn't have graduated without your help.

To Roland, the first Bear I ever met, for coffee overlooking the Neckar after a wonderful night.

To Adam, in memory of friendship, and in hopes of a future renewal.

To Patrick and Marc for being just damned decent people. Wish there were more of you in this world.

To Matthew for lemon shortbread; seaweed, crushed ice, and millet; and for taking good care of the homestead while we're gone.

To all of the YYZers for CD-Rs and wit.

To the southern belles... to the Puerto Rican girls... to the stewardesses flying around the world... wait, never mind. That shouldn't be in here.

To Alice, the best stewardess at United, and the best Mom a man could ever want.

To Randy and Lisa (aka Uncle Bugs and Tante Lisa) for Peet's coffee, moral support, and just plain being fascinating people to be around. Gonna drink a toast to you in Bali this year!

To Dan's brothers for always making me feel welcome at holiday gatherings, and to Grandma Virginia for her love (and Thanksgiving dinners, mmmmmmm). To Aunt Kathy as well for her wonderful sense of humor.

To Bernice and Eugene, for his inaudible stories as well as her telling me how proud she was to have Dan as a grandson.

And finally, last but not least, to Dan. I'll keep the mushy stuff private, but suffice it to say that I have never met anyone like Dan, and that he's made my life better than I could possibly have imagined. Yay for marmots!

Something must be wrong with me.

God help me but I find that the last CD I'm listening to before taking off tonight is Time Pie by Yamo. I must be getting sick or something. Even so, if you can just tune out the cretinous vocals, you can almost imagine you're listening to a Mouse on Mars album instead. Heh.