January 11th, 2002


Dashed hopes.

Looks like MP3 and WMA CDs have a long ways to go before they'll be usable.

I stopped by Fry's today to pick up a Rio Volt SP90 portable CD player. It's cheap at $99, seems durable enough and has the basic functionality I was looking for (can play WMA files from CDs). However, it leaves a lot to be desired.

- If you play a CD with lots of tracks, the device ruins the flow of the album by pausing a few seconds between tracks. [k] by The Disk Orchestra is totally unlistenable on this device, for example.

- It seems to have problems playing some audio files, but not others. I still haven't been able to pin down exactly what types of files don't work well, but I'm working on it. I have a CD-RW with 196 Kbps encoded WMA files, and it barfed all over itself trying to play these files, which resulted in kind of a cool disc-style album, but that isn't really what I was hoping for. It seemed to play 196 Kbps encoded files from a CD-R okay, but the gaps between songs are still incredibly annoying.

Sigh. Dan, we need to go back to Fry's. I think we should forget about mp3 or wma CDs and just burn a bunch of ordinary audio CDs instead.

The night tonight.

Well, I'm having a glass of late harvest pinot gris from Ukraine, and listening to Get Real Paid by Beck. My IRAs have been successfully converted to Roth IRAs (after all, I'm not working in 2002, so now's the only year this'll be possible, and taxes on the conversion will be low). There are a lot of DVDs lying around ready to be watched, and I think Dan's going to finish up with his stuff in a while so we can sit down to the first six episodes of Twin Peaks or maybe even The Godfather Part 2. In the meantime, I'm almost finished cleaning up all of my WMA audio folders on my PC, which means I'll be one step closer to burning a shitload of CD-Rs to pass along to Brodie and John via Dan.

Life's good, eh.